There is a False Zion being created before our very eyes …

With wealth comes privilege, with privilege comes knowledge and knowledge is power. Before I can explain to you why we are creating a Zion in falsity I must first make sure that you understand my concept of Babylon.

Babylon is a system, a monopoly of powers so to speak. It’s name derives from a massive ancient city that was destroyed and rebuilt. It is referenced in several holy texts and is still commonplace today. In the book of Jeremiah it states that “Babylon must fall” and I can assure you that its unjust representation today which is based on the ideology of power must find this fate.

As for Zion I take its definition from the Kabbalah as a spiritual place where all reality presides. Zion is in the case of this writing a perfect harmonious world. It is a realm of freedom, peace, love, respect and charity. I believe it is the true destiny of mankind to reach this state of enlightenment together. There could be no greater contribution to Earth than to reach this plateau of sanctity.

The ability to learn and access to limitless information has set forth a conglomerate of awakening. Those that would do mankind harm through evil intentions have been revealed. Injustices are realized with speed once only believed possible by God himself yet a program has already been set into motion.

See, a


is being constructed on top of Babylon. It is a “False Zion” that is being used by those who would sell every last soul for wealth to disguise their existence. This new “False Zion” is being forced, guided by hands who carry the same swords that stab humanity in the back. These two systems cannot coexist, it is either one or the other. If I were to ask you if you believe that you are completely free, what would your answer be? Have not powers of old merely blended into society with such eloquence that they remain unnoticed? Perhaps the formula to enslaving a population has been perfected to a degree that for most it does not exist. Well I am here to tell you all that slavery is very real.

It’s possible that Buddhist monks have reached a level of freedom that is close to what nature intended. However, we all still exist within a system that is being manipulated by a group of people with the motive of obtaining wealth and power.

Are you in disbelief of this statement? Then let me prove it to you now. Each person on Earth is entitled to a destiny and the right to choose their path. You may feel that you have fulfilled your dreams but have you not been selecting answers of multiple choice questions to get where you are today? The illusion of choice lies within its options. If you want to be a painter then so be it, that is your calling and you should be able to prosper from this choice. Instead a painter might not exceed well in the schooling system then find themselves working a medial job to survive. “I am a painter but also a waiter or a plumber or a grocery store stockroom employee.” Not to say that these positions do not have worth but they exist solely because of a system.

There is a violent circle of existence that affects all mankind. It is devoid of prejudice because it resides in every level of being. The poorest man in the poorest country is still bound by the same “law” as the wealthiest man in the wealthiest country. This “law” that I speak of is embedded into humanity by control. We are all being controlled by a system that is spiraling into devastation.

In order to free ourselves from this doomed fate, Babylon must fall. Zion needs to be built on a new foundation with fresh leaders and restructured ideals. The “old ways” are corrupted beyond repair and now only serve as a plague holding humanity back from its true volition. A cleansing must take place and the self proclaimed overlords need to be unseated. The world we seek has no thrones. Even two people who would argue completely on all topics can agree that life could be better for everyone if greed and corruption were eliminated.

Powers that be would eliminate us at the drop of a hat for a dime and through peaceful demonstration our opportunity to weed them out is nigh. Now is the time that all people unite for one cause, to free all mankind from tyranny, to save our planet before it’s too late and to live compassionately with all forms of life. If this dream is not finally realized then the outcome will be Earth shattering. Time is truly running out and the manipulators are miles ahead of us. Let us rejoice life by creating a true Zion.

The first step to building a new world is to accept everyone as a brother and sister, a mother and father. The oldest religion is Hinduism which clearly states that all religions are one and the same as they strive for light. An ancient belief system that predates writing having this concept at its core demonstrates the innate design of humanity to be at peace with each other. The controllers feed off our differences as hatred is learned. Bigotry is programmed into our psyche at every turn. It is so powerful that it dictates entire nations all the way down to sibling rivalries at the dinner table. Competitiveness has been emphasized by society and misconstrued as a requirement. This same mentality is the basis of all war and at its extreme leads people to become soldiers. In fact the existence of a soldier is the problem within itself. If there were no soldiers, who would fight each other? Then who is it that really benefits from war anyways?

The feat of all encompassing acceptance seems impossible but I ensure you that is part of the programming. If mankind is divided amongst each other the manipulators will be able to use us for their gain with stealth. Our United voice of freedom is the downfall of the secret monarchy. The greatest army in the world is all of its people combined under one concept. This is the opposite of what a control system requires to exist. It is said that the greatest power is Love and being that marriage is practiced in all (mainstream) cultures, this is justified. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs demonstrates humanity at its most basic level and it spans across all races and cultures.

Now with this in mind ask yourself why is it that subconsciously you judge another? What is the origin of that psyche? If it’s instilled by family values then seek deeper into the origin beyond your own self. We are bred to hate each other like caged dogs being trained to fight. This anger is the fuel that drives an economy where one man can have everything while another suffers the most horrible fate. How can that even be tolerated? Are we not all equal?