To think about art

is to take a vacation. When our eyes process an image it affects our brains chemistry. We can be transported, teleported, projected and intertwined. Some people don’t understand the success of the famed painter Jackson Pollock however they do not realize the excited invokable by colors. To appreciate art is to surrender oneself to their own sense of sight. Many people don’t relax and allow art to affect them naturally, they are too judgmental or expect art to “mean something” in a very direct manner. That’s ok but let’s talk about how lucky you are if you are able to delve into the core of a piece and escape. The beauty of art lies within our own imagination.

Now think for a second if you were born blind, it is scientifically proven that living beings who have weakened senses will generally have a natural “handicap” where other senses will be heightened. The blind report better hearing, the deaf report better vision or an escalated sense of smell. Being able to enjoy art is an augmentation of the senses. It is a neurological activity that produces thoughts and emotions. Perhaps humans have completely taken for granted the fact that it is possible to listen to music and look at art at the same time any time. This activity is truly a remarkable facet of being a human alive today.

I foresee nanotechnology will affect paint eventually given painters the ability to digitally manipulate actual paint on a canvas creating visions that we are not even yet able to comprehend. Perhaps there will be a robot that paints your creations you make on photoshop for you on a canvas. With the advancements in AI the passion of the stroke can be transmitted digitally. Graphic design has evolved immensely in just the past few years. The line between reality and art will soon be invisible. Video games seem incredibly real.

They could be considered perfect art.

A combination of programming, audio, story, video, colors and art that is controllable. I don’t believe that our forefathers imagined a digital age.

My point here is simply, never take art for granted. It is powerful and even has healing properties. So take a holiday of the soul and take a gander at some art!