AMP or “Accelerated Mobile Pages” is a Google initiative. By creating strict guidelines to meet AMP qualifications, Google has simplified the process of creating mobile ready lightning fast pages.

Although AMP pages are limited in functionality, including the lack of compatibility with any third-party Javascript, they have a je ne sais quoi that make the mobile experience extremely simple for the end-user. Perhaps it suggests that we have bogged down our online experience with unnecessary features and resource hogging scripts.

WordPress in particular is a resource hog. In order to optimize a WordPress site for AMP, it is recommended to this use plugin:




Here are the steps to creating an AMP verified WordPress site:

  • Download
  • Install Plugin on WordPress.
  • Follow simple instructions to transform your current site into it’s AMP version.
  • Enable AMP redirection.
  • Sit back and watch your mobile traffic soar.

The Key Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages are as follows; follow Google’s own guidelines to create a page that they will trust, offer your visitors a rapid mobile browsing experience on any phone or tablet, receive the AMP badge next to your website in Google search results, AMP was built by Google and is ready for AdWords, AdSense and Analytics, rumor has it that pages with AMP perform better in Google search results.

So really it’s a no brainer, if you have a WordPress site and you want to perform better overall, make it an AMP page with this plugin: