We live in New York City and the other day on major morning news there was a feature about Fetty Wap. Fetty hails from neighboring New Jersey and to “give back to his community” performed a live concert at his High School. Ever since the song has come out you will find people singing the lyrics gleefully and I often interrupt them and ask them what they think those lyrics really mean.

cookinpiesFirst off, what’s a trap queen? A “trap” is where a “pimp” keeps his “hoes”. They are generally found homeless or made addicted to drugs, beaten, raped and controlled by the worst kind of psychological vampire imaginable. The “trap queen” therefore is the “head hoe.” She would be in charge of the other “hoes”, counting money, keeping them in control and often times dates the pimp(s).

He introduced her to his stove. Now stove can have 2 meanings on the street, it can be a term for a gun. However since he mentions money right before the statement he is referring to the stove in the kitchen. You will understand more in a just a few moments.

The most popular line seems to be, “I be cookin’ pies with my baby.” Girls everywhere think of this charming young man who met this nice young lady somewhere and they went home and made pies together. On his “stove” they are cooking “pies” of crack cocaine. The line, “showed her how to whip it, now’s she remixing for low,” refers to how her taught her to cut the cocaine down with an agent to increase their profits.

Then referring to the whole chorus he basically says, he does drugs all day with his prostitute, they go to the mall and buy things with money they got from the production of drugs.

So we can laugh it off and some of you will just accept the lyrics for your own personal meaning. If you want to love the song and imagine cooking apple pies at home with your baby please do so. However this message is a negative message that condones sexism, drug dealing and drug abuse. It might not mean much to you but how does that affect a 12 year who goes to the same High School as Fetty graduated from who understands the terminology? The news reported on the story saying it was great that the concert showed the kids of the high school “your dreams can really come true.” Well dreams become nightmares when daughters become drug addicted prostitutes and sons end up in jail. I think it’s time that we readdress censorship on the radio and give our children positive messages of hope.